Preoperative lab work for your tubal ligation reversal

Before a tubal ligation reversal we require a complete blood cell analysis (CBC) and a urinalysis. These tests are completed at your first visit the day before your tubal ligation reversal in our office at the hospital lab just around the corner from our office. Your preoperative lab work is paid for by Lakeshore Tubal Reversal Center as part of your all-inclusive surgical fee. Some clinics that do reversals make you get the lab work done, at your own expense, prior to coming to the facility for surgery.

If you or your partner have engaged in high risk behavior or have had sex with someone who has, you should strongly consider AIDS testing and a test for Hepatitis C.

If you are over age 35, you should have a baseline mammogram because pregnancy after a tubal ligation reversal complicates treatment for breast cancer and visa versa.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend that your husband or significant other have a semen analysis prior to your tubal reversal. Although artificial insemination is inexpensive and effortless, you need to know if it will be necessary before you undergo tubal ligation reversal.

If you have any questions regarding pre-surgery lab tests, please feel free to contact our staff.


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