The Essure Removal procedure is for patients who would like their Essure coils removed but have their tubes ligated so that they will NOT become pregnant again.

The Essure Removal procedure was developed due to the increased demand from patients who wanted their Essure coils removed. Even though our facility specializes in Tubal Reversals we began to offer this removal procedure because we saw that in the beginning of performing the Essure Reversal that we had at least a third of our patients that did not want to get pregnant they just wanted to have their coils removed.

The Essure Removal Procedure

The Essure Removal procedure is a microsurgical procedure that takes about a 1/2 hour. During the procedure, a 2-3” incision is made right above the pubic hairline. Our doctors then remove the part of the fallopian tube where the Essure coil has been implanted and remove the ENTIRE coil. Then the remaining Fallopian tube is ligated as to not restore the patient’s fertility or allow them to not get pregnant following the procedure.

We have been contacted by many Essure patients who are experiencing adverse reactions from the Essure device. Some of these issues include heavy bleeding, cramping, joint problems and metallic taste in their mouth, etc. We do not guarantee removal of the Essure device will change any particular symptom but the results that we have gathered from patients who had symptoms, following their procedure shows that removal of their coils is very helpful.

We urge people considering an Essure to be tested for allergy to nickel especially if they have had skin reactions to gold jewelry before. Most people do very well with Essures but those who do have problems are very unhappy with their choice.

Essure does not have to be permanent and does not require a hysterectomy or removal of the complete fallopian tube to do so.

Please call our office and speak with a Case Management Specialist if you have any additional questions or email our office.

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