Shelby K.
Essure Reversal

In 2011, I was 27 and I had just given birth to my third child. I made a difficult decision to permanently, and irreversibly end my fertility. At the time, I couldn’t imagine a life where more children would be possible. Yet, five years later, I was remarried and the idea of one more enters the picture. At the time of my procedure, I was told it was impossible to reverse, but several years later, my research led me to various doctors who successfully return fertility to many women like me everyday. I had hope again. I knew the odds of an Essure reversal baby were less favorable than other reversals, but I watched every video, and read everything I could find about each method. Dr. Greene’s surgical approach seemed the most logical, and it came with the ability to have a natural delivery. The other doctor was more expensive, and their surgical approach forced the mother into a cesarean delivery. For me, the opportunity to have another natural birth for less money made sense. We took a chance, and in April of 2022, we met with Dr. Greene and left with a successful reversal. To our delight, by July of 2022, we were pregnant with our son, and in April of 2023 almost a year after surgery, I delivered our beautiful boy. We are so grateful for the skilled hands of Dr. Greene, and his staff, who support his patients before and after surgery with immense patience and kindness. If you’re like us, and right now, you’re on the fence about who to trust, with funds that aren’t easy to come by, your fertility, and your hope. Just know, the odds are in your favor with Lakeshore Surgical Center.

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