DATE: October 4, 2017

Accredited Surgery Center

Our surgical center is accredited, like a hospital is and part of the requirements is that we “benchmark” or compare our results with similar facilities. The accrediting organization The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care  comes to our center and checks everything from how we protect your privacy, how we look after our equipment, how we check on the people who work here, how we make sure the drugs that we use are not out of date and on and on.

To complete their requirement that we compare our results is difficult because few people that do reversals report results and a lot of what is reported is deceptive. One example is the frequent claim “98% Success”. When you read the fine print they mean 98% of their patients are operated and reversed, not necessarily pregnant. We have seen results reported where ectopic pregnancies were included as part of their total. An ectopic pregnancy is not a success in any way! If you read the fine print, their ectopic pregnancies are 10 -30%. Including their ectopics makes their results look better but it’s deceptive. Because we only do reversals on women, dye test our patients to make sure they are fixed right and close the tube in layers our ectopic rate is 2 ½ %, which is very low. You can see our success rates on our website broken down by age and the type of tubal ligation that the patient had before coming to us.

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