DATE: September 24, 2018

Finding a Doctor That Specializes in Tubal Reversals

The internet is a difficult place to look for health care services. I am saddened to say that we often see absurd claims made about the doctor’s experience. I have enough trouble answering for my own shortcomings but one claim stands out to me.

There is a facility that claims to have done “over 12000 reversals”. The problem is that same doctor claims to have started doing reversals 10 years ago. The result of that claim is that would mean 1200 a year. If you worked every day never taking a day off that would mean doing about 5 tubal reversals a day.

We do 2 a day and I cannot think of a way to do 5 and do a good job. What this doctor should say is that he took over a clinic that had been in business for many years before he came and the total number that were done before he came plus what he has done is 12000. We have done over 3200 since we started just doing reversals in 2000.

-William Greene Jr. MD

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