DATE: October 19, 2018

Why Essure Removal & Essure Reversal Is Cheaper at Lakeshore Surgical Center

People have asked why we don’t charge more for Essure removals and Essure reversals. The simple answer is that the way we do both procedures is safer and simpler than the way others do these procedures. You are not required to pay for a hotel stay (that’s included in our fee), you do not have to get $500 worth of lab tests (we pay for that), and there is no separate fee to schedule an appointment.

I worry that some people may think that because we cost less we don’t do as good a job and that is just not true. We don’t cut a hole in the uterus to get the Essures out because it is not necessary and the blood supply to the uterus is from the outside in and there are huge blood vessels right next to where the tube goes into the uterus. The way that we do these operations does not mean that you have to have a cesarean section if you get pregnant because your uterus has been weakened by cutting a hole in it. There is a Facebook page where people are told the only way to remove the Essures for either reversal or just removal is to cut a hole in the uterus because of the risk of leaving part of the Essures in. This is absolute nonsense!

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