DATE: May 13, 2020

Our Method is Always Being Perfected

About a year ago, Dr. Turner and I made two changes in our technique for Essure reversal. We never make big changes, but we try something minor to see if it improves results. The Essure device needs to be removed from the uterus, which is hollow, without weakening it. One of the things we did was re-design the special needle that we use to sew a patient’s tube inside the uterus from the outside. Basically it’s been modified to perform in the same way a sewing machine that will sew a seam in a dress. The outside of the dress is facing the operator but the inside (where the dress touches the skin) is out of view, just like the inside of your uterus is out of sight from the outside where the physician doing the reversal can see it.

visualization of a uterus

Why We’re Different Than Our “Competitors”

It sounds like magic but we found a way to create a special needle and then improve on it to where it consistently gives good results. Remember the uterus is hollow so, in theory, you could cut a hole in it to sew the tube inside but this would weaken the uterus. It could even weaken it enough to where it might rupture. Dr. Turner and I carefully remove the Essures and put them in a jar for you to take home. The way we do it does not weaken the uterus because there is no cutting of the uterus wall. There are very few doctors that do Essure reversals but we see ads on the internet from clinics that don’t know Essure reversals from Chinese food who say they do them just so they can get you in their office.

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