DATE: October 9, 2017
CATEGORY: Tubal Reversal

Am I Too Old to Have a Tubal Reversal?

The average age of our patients is 37. We only do tubal reversals on women and we just did our 3000th patient last summer. As a result of confining our practice to just reversals and Essure removals, we have a lot of data and the ability to tell our patients what their chances of success are.

On our website, our experience is broken down into age groups and tubal ligation types. There is no great drop off from 25 years of age to 40 and then the percentages do go down to about 40%. We do not include ectopic pregnancies because we only have 2.5% and an ectopic is not a success. We had one reversal patient who delivered when she was 47.


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