DATE: August 24, 2020

Dr. Tuner and I have recently made some small changes in our technique for Essure reversal that have improved dye flow that we check at the ends of the operation before our patients wake up. We always have used a needle we created to sew the tube in its natural opening in the uterus. We had new needles made that are longer because as women have more children the uterus is thicker and we need more reach to tie the tube way down where it belongs in its natural position. The original needle works well but the new design works better. We have also changed the type of suture from a type that is made for cardiac surgery on newborns to a traditional nylon suture that is more “slippery” and easier to retrieve inside the uterine cavity.

Essure Reversals – Custom Made for Our Patients

For us to do an Essure reversal we have to sew the tube in its natural position from outside the uterus. Dr. Turner and I were the first to do an Essure reversal in 2007. There was no book to look in to see how to do it so we decided to develop a procedure to first carefully remove both Essure implants under magnification because they are very small. With the Essures in a jar for you to keep we dilate the opening in the uterus and place the tube in its natural position. Essure reversals don’t work as well as other types but we have gradually improved the technique by carefully evaluating each patient.

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