DATE: May 31, 2018

Can I Have Reversal if I Have Thyroid Problems?

We frequently have patients who have or who have had thyroid problems. We always encourage them to get their thyroid status evaluated. The two most common tests are the TSH test (thyroid stimulating hormone) and the Free T-4 test (amount of active thyroid hormone). The standard of care is for patients who are known to have had thyroid problems to have any medications to have those medicines adjusted so that these two values are normal.

What is new is an article (Fertility Sterility Oct 2017) that states that a new test, for anti- TPO antibodies, may help identify infertile women at risk for miscarriage. It is important to note that by far and away the most common cause of miscarriage is genetic. This does not mean that if you miscarry there is something wrong with your genes.

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