DATE: April 30, 2020

I sent an email on March 18th of this year to family and friends about the virus problem affecting us. Like everything I say to anybody about medical matters, I rely only on sources that I know are reliable and I identify those things that are opinion, not fact.

The email has some important points. I am not an expert in this area, my training is in Gynecology not infectious diseases. There is a lot of very wrong information coming from sources that ought to know better.

A good deal is known about this family of viruses (Coronaviruses) is based on studies of other members of the family that are not a problem at this time. They are easily transmitted between people who are infected (since found to be true for Covid19). People can shed the virus who are not obviously ill and even after they are better (since found to be true for Covid19). They often are “bimodal” which means they can be dangerous in cold weather and come back in warm weather (since found to be true for Covid19).  Social distancing is important and wearing a mask, unless you are home, in your house without anyone who is known to be infected (since found to be true for Covid19).In the March Email, I said it was not known how long the virus can survive on various surfaces it is now known if it can live and be infective for up to two weeks on metal surfaces (makes it important that when you are out of your home, you don’t touch your face unless you have carefully washed your hands or used sanitizer). I mentioned using the National Institute of Health (the NIH) and Dr. Fauci and Dr.Ho and I stand by that.

Several things have been reported by what I consider to be reliable sources and I believe them to be true. Early treatment can save your life and not put you in the intensive care unit on a ventilator (do not wait until it is hard to breathe to go to the hospital). There is no known drug that can cure Covid19. Mask wearing in public will be more protective with certain types of masks (N-95 and N100 that very few are available of). One very important advantage of a mask is that it reminds you not to touch your face.

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