Briana W.

After my third son, I had my tubes tied. Life took a change and I fell in love. My boyfriend and I have talked about babies from the beginning, but knew it would probably only be conversation and never a possibility to have more children. Until I started doing my research. I came across Lakeshore Tubal Reversal and dug deep into the testimonies and the website. Although I was still quite skeptical, I figured we didn’t have much to lose if it wasn’t successful. We would still love each other in the end. We had two surgeries to reverse my tubes, and upon the second surgery, it was successful. Our second surgery date was May of 2021 and six short months later we found out we were pregnant. With it being my boyfriends first kid, this meant a lot. With three boys at home, we finally got a girl! Our Rian Lynn was born on July 26, 2022. She’s brought us so much happiness.


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