Crystal W.

Doctor Who Performed Your TR:: Dr. Greene

Date of Essure Removal:: July 22, 2016

Age at Time of Removal:: 31

Type of Tubal Ligation:: Essure

Thanks for checking in, I’m doing great! I am very appreciative of Lakeshore Surgical and staff. Everyone was amazing and made me comfortable throughout the entire process. I’m a huge chicken; terrified of needles, anesthesia, physicians, but y’all made me laugh and reassured me that I was in good hands.

My gyn gave me the alternative of a hysterectomy or birth control to alleviate the pain I was experiencing and I’m so glad I found your office. I don’t suffer from intense menstrual cramps anymore and my abdomen doesn’t look like I’ve eaten a melon once every month.

Essure was not the best thing for me and I really can’t thank y’all enough for giving me a safe alternative to major surgery or medications. I feel like I have my body back.

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