Maria A.

After our 2nd child we decided to have my tubes tied. We felt so sure that he was our last. However when our son turned 1 years old I had this overwhelming feeling that there was another child supposed to join us. We had multiple discussions and prayed about it and came to the conclusion to look into having another child. We immediately looked into reversing the tubal ligation. We searched the internet and found 2 clinics that we really liked. When it came down to it we choose Lakeshore Tubal Reversal Center. We reviewed the testimonials,  reviews and asked questions. The staff was so accommodating and helpful. As we started the process it turned out to be simple and reassuring. March 2022 I got the tubal reversal done and soon started trying.  Of course we were nervous if the surgery worked and if we would be able to conceive.  Very soon we found put I was pregnant!!! We now have our sweet Lucy girl and we are so blessed to have her. She is our miracle baby and can not imagine our family with out her. We are complete!


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