Shadaisha J.

Let me tell you a little bit about my story. My name is Shadaisha J., I am 42 years old. My husband Alonzo J. is 48 years old. Alonzo and I had been together for 19 years but only married for 13 years. When we got together I had a 1 yr old and a 2 year old.

We talked about having more kids but I had my tubes tied. I was researching how we could get pregnant. We ended up going to a fertility specialist who told us they can fertilize my eggs and place the embryos on top of my tubes but the procedure was so… expensive and there was not a guarantee it would happen in the first try. You would have to pay for additional attempts, just way to expensive.

I kept researching and came across LakeshoreSurgical Center in Gainesville, Ga. We reached out via email and received a packet in the mail the following week with instructions and an introduction about what they did. I was impressed. I immediately reached out to the office and received a call from Dr. Green. It took about a month for me to get everything together. Once I paid my deposit and scheduled my tubal reversal date everything went by so… fast. The facility was nice, the staff was very nice as well. Dr. Green had an educational class with my husband and I. He told us everything he was going to do while in surgery. We were put up at the Hilton hotel next to the facility, the next day I had the surgery. Everything went well. I went in for post op the next I had my surgery on April 3, 2019

I was sore for about 4 weeks. I was pregnant a couple months after. I had a miscarriage early on but 2 years later we were pregnant with a little girl.  We did not give up. Tubal reversal works. On February 8, 2022, we welcomed our little girl into the world. Zolahn-Bailey Paityn J. is one week and 3 days.

She is both healthy and beautiful.

Thank you again Dr. Greene for making us the most happiest parents ever. I recommend Lakeshore to anyone.

We are proud parents!!!

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