Victoria H.

Doctor Who Performed Your TR: Dr. Turner

Date of Tubal Removal: March 13, 2015

Age at Time of Removal: 36

Type of Tubal Ligation: Pomeroy

Finished Length of Tubes: Right: 9cm | Left: 9cm

I have always wanted a bigger family. Before I started this journey I had three children. My first husband was quite a bit older than me and after I was pregnant with my last baby, him and my doctor decided it would be a good idea if I had my tubes tide since I was having a C-section anyways. I wasn’t really thrilled with the idea, I was 25 but never gave it another thought until I was about ready to pop. Of course it was my final actions that got my tubes tied. It was a good thing, a few years down the road and we were divorced.

Jerry and I met in 2007, got married in 2012 and my kids were his kids. We joked about if we had kids what we would name but never really were serious about it because we just didn’t have the money and we went through some very rough financial times. Then we bought a house, his business picked up and my business picked up and we were off. Him and I started talking more and more about having kids and the conversations changed to if we are going to do this we really should now because of my age.

I started researching and everything in Minnesota was ridiculous and there wasn’t much out there. I was getting frustrated and annoyed, many places wouldn’t even give me a ball park figure. So we decided we would look out of state, we can travel not a big deal. That’s when I stumbled across Lakeshore Surgical. Right away I knew this was the place, not because of the cost, which was very affordable, but the 30 years of experience really made me feel comfortable and at ease. That was in December of 2014, I made the appointment and we were set for March 13, 2015. We left on a Wednesday after my daycare closed and my husband drove straight thru to Georgia, I think we were like an hour late for my pre op.

So Friday I had my surgery, it went great and I felt great afterwards.  Everyone we came into contact with at Lakeshore Surgical was great and so caring. I felt safe and in the right hands the whole time. Saturday after my post op, we drove straight home.

We got pregnant April of 2015 but lost the baby in May. We were very saddened but we also knew it worked and we would have another chance. Our baby girl came three weeks early on February 26, 2016! She weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces and 19 inches long. I had her less than a year after my surgery!  We still look at her in amazement that she is here with us joining with her brother and sisters

Two weeks ago we just found out some more exciting news!  We will be expecting another baby with the due date of March 13, 2017!  Baby is where it’s supposed to be and heart beat was good! We are so excited and blessed to have this opportunity. We thank everyone at Lakeshore Surgery for their kindness and knowledge and helping give us another chance!

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