Tubal Reversal Payment Options

1. Cashiers check, or money order

If you chose this option, the check or money order needs to be in our office 2 weeks before your surgery. We cannot accept personal checks.

We only do one to three reversals a day. So we don’t spend a day with nothing to do, we need to know for sure that your appointment time on the schedule is paid for two weeks in advance.

2. Credit card

Many patients use several cards to pay for a reversal. This is one of our most popular methods and our staff is experienced in dealing with credit card companies.

3. Flexible Spending Accounts [FLEX plans]

If you work for a large company, you may be able to get several thousand dollars from one of these plans to help pay for your reversal.

Contact the personnel department at work to see if you have one of these plans at your work [or your husband’s]. If you let us know we will help you, but you have to do the basic groundwork.

4. Payment Plans

We will help you save for your reversal. We require that you make an initial payment of 500 dollars and then you can pay as little as 100 dollars a month. Monthly payments are required.

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