Tubal ligation reversal – Answers from Dr. Greene

The following are some common questions that potential patients often ask after reviewing other websites that offer tubal ligation reversal. Some doctors make claims that attempt to cast doubt on the ability of other doctors to competently perform tubal ligation reversal or that try to make their technique the “gold standard” by which all others are to be judged.

Various people have raised the issue of using an operative microscope instead of surgical loupes to do microsurgical tubal ligation reversal. Which do use and why?

One doctor I talked to said he never uses stents and another said he always does; which is the right thing to do?

Is it important to do the tubal reversal individually closing each layer as opposed to sewing the outer layer of the tube only?

I’ve talked to a doctor who quoted fee of $25,000.00 including several hospital days for a tubal ligation reversal. Wouldn’t I be safer in a hospital?

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