Andrea K.

I had my tubal reversal surgery back in March 2021 after successfully birthing two children. My tubal ligation was performed in the year of 2016, my tubes were banded and during my tubal reversal surgery at Lakeshore Surgical Center in Gainesville, the bands were removed and my tubes were just long enough to put back together.

I became pregnant with my third blessing (first pregnancy after tubal reversal) in May 2021 and I delivered a healthy baby girl February 1st 2022, she is now 17 months old.

Most recently, my second pregnancy (after the tubal reversal) was confirmed and as of today 07/12/23 I am 13 weeks pregnant, two days ago (07/10/23) we found out the baby is a boy. We are very excited and we have been so very blessed! Thank you.


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