Brittany R.

After having 4 children all Cesarean sections, my physician encouraged me to have my tubes tied in 2019 with clamps. I was not anticipating having more children, so this seemed like the logical choice. Two years following my tubal, my husband and I decided we wanted to have one more child. I researched various options including IVF, and tubal reversal. I was 37 years old at the time and was not sure if tubal reversal would work for me due to my age and history of having multiple Cesarean sections. I found Lakeshore Surgical Center online through an online search and did my research. I read through all of the testimonials on Facebook, and we decided that this would be our best option. I followed the consultation process, did the phone consultation, and waited about 6 months until we made a final decision. From the consultation through the surgery, I felt extremely confident and comfortable with the staff and the physician. They all were wonderful. We drove 8 hours, stayed in an excellent hotel, and drove home the next day following surgery with no complications. I am excited to say that I had the surgery at the end of February 2022 by April 15th, 2022, I had a positive pregnancy test. That is correct. One cycle following my surgery, I was pregnant. My advice is follow the surgeon’s instructions regarding fertility. I also purchased the Easy at Home fertility strips on Amazon they are $20 a Box. (They help you track your fertile days.) Along with using the P-tracker app on my phone to track my cycle. I was intimate on the days the strips told me and I literally only had to do this one month and became pregnant. Our baby girl was born December 23rd, 2022. I had my 5th c-section with no complications and a beautiful healthy baby girl. I am forever thankful for this surgery and Lakeshore Surgical Center. I never dreamed I would have another child. We are so very blessed.

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