Brittany S.

Doctor Who Performed Your TR Surgery: Dr. Greene

Date of Tubal Reversal: April 20, 2017

Age at Time of Reversal: 31

Type of Tubal Ligation: Pomeroy

Finished Length of Tubes: Right: 7cm | Left: 7cm

Tubal Reversal? Can this really be? Can I actually have this done? So many thoughts went through my mind as I was researching different doctors on this procedure. I came across Dr. Greene and was blown away by his success rate, blogs, and videos online. My husband and I live in Alaska and it is necessary we fly out of state for this procedure. I called Dr. Greene’s office and made an appointment to speak with him over the phone, and within minutes I knew he was the doctor I wanted to perform my surgery. Surgery was scheduled for 6 weeks later, 4/20/2017. We flew to Georgia and took a couple extra days to enjoy the warm weather and scenery with some relaxation time to calm my nerves prior to the pre-op appt. Leading up to the pre-op appointment I have to say that Dr. Greene’s staff was AMAZING! I did not feel like I was treated as cattle instead, treated as family. All questions were answered and I felt more than comfortable proceeding with surgery. Dr. Greene made me laugh so hard that my tummy hurt when we left from our pre-op appt. My husband was very happy and comfortable with the staff which was a huge deal for both of us. The next day I had surgery and was extremely nervous but the Anesthesiologist was wonderful and made sure to make me laugh and relax prior to going into the procedure room. We went to the hotel and relaxed after surgery as I was in a little bit of discomfort but slept through most of it until we had to leave to go to the post op appt. At post-op my incision was checked and I was able to see Dr. Greene and he explained everything that had occurred and how well the procedure went. (Bunny ears was a huge deal for me to remember as I did not want to laugh hysterically because it was uncomfortable…ha-ha)

7 weeks after my surgery I found out we were expecting. Of course, this was a scary and exciting thing all at the same time as we needed clarification that this little peanut was where it needed to be. At 5 weeks along we found out that peanut was exactly where it should be. Tears of joy streamed down our faces with pure excitement and joy……we are FINALLY pregnant. Fast forward to 17 weeks and we are expecting a little boy on the way March 2018.

My sincerest gratitude goes out to Dr. Greene and his staff as they were the most professional, wonderful, kind, and caring individuals my husband and I have had the pleasure to work with. We consider them the answer to our prayers and CANNOT thank them enough for helping us with such a blessing.

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