Brittany J.

My name is Brittany and I am from South Carolina. In October 2019 when I had my son I decided to tie my tubes. The Dr who did my c-section gave me what they call the parkland. A couple of years later I instantly started to regret that decision so my husband and I began talking about our options with one of my OB’s to see what we could do about having just one more and he mentioned IVF or helping us find someone local to do a tubal reversal. We told him we wanted to think about it first. Later on that night ironically I was scrolling through my TikTok and found a lady from Florida (I think it was) who mentioned how she had gotten hers done here and had immediate success. I took that as a sign and immediately started doing my research and all things led me back to Lakeshore. So I spoke with my husband and he agreed and I reached out the next day and did what I needed to do and got an appointment set up. On January 19, 2023, I had my surgery and it was a very smooth process and everyone at Lakeshore was so amazing THE WHOLE process. I got my first positive pregnancy test at the beginning of March & here we are a whole year later with a beautiful baby girl that was born on 11/21/23 weighing 8lb and 11 oz and was born by a C-section. And just a little side note (my OB office has 10 doctors in there) the OB that was on call that day delivered our girl and was stitching me back up he asked me who had done my tubes because he had had patients that asked him about this procedure and he wanted to recommend Lakeshore to them, because my tubes looked PERFECT whenever they put them back together. I think that in itself speaks volumes. We couldn’t thank the good lord enough first and then everyone at Lakeshore. Everyone one there has been so kind and patient whenever I had questions/comments/concerns. Anytime I reached out to them in regards to anything, the response time was almost immediate. They have constantly checked in on me since day one and here I am a year later and they’re still dropping by through email just to say Hi and check in to see how things are. I cannot stress this enough, if you ever find yourself in these shoes and you’re wanting just one more beautiful baby (or 5 lol ), I HIGHLY recommend my friends at Lakeshore. You will not be disappointed, or I know I wasn’t. Spreading all the baby dust & best of wishes!

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