Deanna L.

Dr Turner done my surgery July 2021 the journey was long I had one tube that was completely open the other was partially. However the tube that was partially open was the tube that my egg came from the journey took about 9 months to happen. Dr Turner told me he couldn’t promise that I would conceive right away but that one day it would happen if I followed the instructions he gave me. That was difficult month after month I was upset that I hadn’t gotten pregnant then in April 2022 it happens I carried her 38 weeks I had been high risk my entire pregnancies with my other 2 daughters I worked the entire pregnancy that was a miracle. She stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks due to having extra fluid on her lungs once that cleared up she came home. She’s about to be 1 December 30
I just want to say thanks to the team that made this possible for me to be a mom to another baby girl. Dr Turner thanks for the surgery Karina thanks for checking in on me as time went by some days I cried some days I wonder why am I not getting pregnant but it happened thanks Lakeshore Surgical Center!!!!!!

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