Irene T.

Doctor Who Performed Your TR: Dr. Turner

Date of Tubal Removal: April 11, 2014

Age at Time of Removal: 36

Type of Tubal Ligation: Clips

Finished Length of Tubes: Right: 10cm | Left: 10cm

Lakeshore Surgical Center is absolutely amazing! I had my tubes tied in my mid-twenties and then when I was thirty, I met the man of my dreams and he did not have any children. He helped raise my three children. We went back and forth over the years whether or not I was going to get my tubes untied.

I contacted Lakeshore many years ago to inquire and periodically they would follow up with me. When we decided to go ahead to have the surgery, all the staff at Lakeshore were phenomenal! The fee was super affordable (compared to having the surgery done by a local doctor) and we are on a budget, but we were able to make it happen! I was able to get the surgery date I needed (since my other children were on spring break).

I live on the south side of Atlanta – so it was a little bit of a drive, but much more local than the people that have to travel from out of state. The check in process for my pre-op was easy and seamless. My surgery went very, very well! The day after my surgery, I went back for my post-op check up and went home! Everyone was absolutely wonderful! They checked on me a couple of times to be sure I was healing well and made sure that I didn’t have any questions or concerns.

Then they would check on me once per month to see if we were pregnant yet! I had my surgery in April 2014 and I got pregnant in Oct 2014!!! I had no complications what-so-ever from my surgery! Our beautiful son was born at 38 weeks (7/9/15) and he is perfectly healthy! He is now 7 weeks and absolutely precious! Thank you to all the Lakeshore staff for everything!!! All because of the amazing work you all do, you made our miracle come true and he was born one day shy of our 10th anniversary! Perfect present!

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