J. Robinson

Our family can’t thank Dr. Greene and the entire team at Lakeshore enough for making it possible for us to welcome our baby boy, Brady. My tubes were tied in 2013, when my husband and I got married in 2020 we’d often talk about how great it would have been if we could have had babies together – a dream we thought was out of reach.

I had heard of tubal reversal procedures, but I figured it was a long shot at my age (34 at the time). We started exploring options for tubal reversal, but every provider we met with kept trying to push us towards IVF or IUI.

We were close to giving up when I came across the Lakeshore website. I sent in my information and they quickly responded and walked me through the process. They were very straightforward and not pushy at all – in fact Dr. Greene was very clear that he would only perform the surgery if it was a good fit.

When we arrived at the facility the day before surgery the team welcomed me in for my pre-op appointment and Dr. Greene sat down with me to go over the surgery process, what to expect, and gave me tips for what to do to increase our odds of conceiving. It was clear that he is very passionate about helping people conceive.

I loved the way that Lakeshore’s process works, you spend 3-days in Gainesville, GA for pre-op, surgery and post-op (they coordinate hotel accommodations and appointments). After surgery they continue to check in on you often and even provide support for anything you need. Our family is finally complete thanks to Lakeshore!

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