Jennifer S.

Doctor Who Performed Your TR: Dr. Turner

Date of Tubal Removal: October 17, 2014

Age at Time of Removal: 34

Type of Tubal Ligation: Burn

Finished Length of Tubes: Right: 9cm | Left: 9cm

I originally had my tubes tied in 2003 when my first daughter was 18 months old. I was a single mother and (at the time) just KNEW I didn’t want any more children.

Fast forward to 2007, after almost six years of being a single mother, I met Tom, and we married in 2008. He lovingly adopted my daughter, and we both hoped someday, somehow, we could have children together.

In late 2013 I was talking to a friend about how I wished we could get pregnant, that we have been praying for years for a miracle in spite of my tubal ligation. She then told me that her tubes had been tied, she went to Lakeshore, and had two wonderful sons! I had never heard of tubal ligation reversal and I knew this was an answer to prayer.

We were able to schedule the surgery for October 17, 2014. We got pregnant in January 2015, and our beautiful little girl was born October 8, 2015! Almost one year to the day! We are also already trying for our second reversal baby. We would like to have them close together so we will see what happens!

The staff at Lakeshore has been kind, caring and amazing from the first phone call. Not once did I ever think that someone didn’t care or was rude. They are some of the most wonderful medical professionals I have ever known. And with many of my family being in healthcare themselves that says a lot!

Thank you Lakeshore for this second chance at a family that I didn’t know I wanted, and prayed so hard for! God bless y’all!

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