Katie B.

Doctor Who Performed Your TR: Dr. Greene

Date of Tubal Removal: February 2, 2016

Age at Time of Removal: 37

Type of Tubal Ligation: Bands

Finished Length of Tubes: Right: 10cm | Left: 8cm

When we first thought about getting my tubal reversed years ago, my regular OBGYN referred me to a specialist who drew my blood and told me that both my egg quality and egg quantity were very poor.  She was trying to sell us on IVF (and drugs to supposedly stimulate my ovaries) which wasn’t something we were interested in.  We decided not to do the tubal reversal (even though she didn’t provide any info whatsoever on the procedure) as well due to the test results. Several years later, we were still regretting that decision so that’s when I sent my information to Lakeshore and Dr. Greene called me back and explained the tubal reversal procedure as well as his opinion on the tests I’d had done years before. We felt very comfortable in his knowledge and expertise as well as the staff’s willingness to answer all my little questions, so we made the appointment and got my tubes untied. We got pregnant on the first try (so much for poor egg quantity) and all genetic/chromosomal testing came back as normal (so I guess the egg quality test wasn’t the best indicator either). I wish we had gone to Lakeshore sooner and at least spoken to Dr. Greene and his staff.

The procedure went just as it was explained to us. My incision was a little larger than I’d hoped, but it healed very nicely and is easily concealed. The staff followed up with us consistently and continued to answer all my questions. They helped to make sure I got the appropriate care once I got a positive pregnancy test and, to this day, continue to follow my pregnancy.

We are all super excited about this baby and so very thankful that we spoke with Dr. Greene before making a permanent decision of not doing anything which would have been a decision we would have always second-guessed.  I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant with a very healthy baby girl thanks to Lakeshore Surgical Center.

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