Kimeka C.

hello my name is kimeka I’m 42 year old I did my tubal reverse when I was 41 years I had tied my tube at the age of 30 after having 4 kids, nevertheless life goes on i got remarried an it’s very funny in life you think you have too many, but there are others that as none, my husband he had no kids of his own an was very sad about that so thats when I decided to give him a child ,we where living in New York , we then do some research found the most beautiful facility center in Georgia Gainesville, the lakeshore team, caring kind professional they gave me motivation, I thank GOD for them an DR William Greene give me confidence an his trust while they perform a miracle job with my surgery I got it done in march 2021 I then got pregnant in September 2021 I had my bundle of joy in may 2022 it is a lot to give GOD thanks for blessing our family with another child.


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