Miranda P.

I had my tubal ligation in fall of 2014. My husband and I realized only a couple of years later that we still wanted another baby. I started by researching my options and landed on the obvious two: tubal reversal surgery, or IVF. I was more interested in the reversal since my husband and I never struggled to conceive before and the IVF process seemed more invasive. All of the doctors in the area where I live recommended IVF over surgery and didn’t convey any amount of reassurance that they felt skilled enough to perform a successful tubal reversal. The cost of IVF is significant, especially considering the success rates, and I still felt pretty uncomfortable with the process. I started to branch out with a willingness to travel anywhere in the U.S. for my surgery. It didn’t take me long to find Dr. Greene. I was in awe of his experience specifically in tubal ligation reversal. I very happily traveled from Maine to Georgia to undergo my surgery with Dr. Greene. He and the staff were so welcoming and knowledgeable. They were very accommodating, knowing that their patients often travel. The cost of the surgery was more than reasonable and was all-inclusive. They really thought of absolutely everything. I cannot possibly express the extent of my gratitude for having this team on my side on our journey to having another baby. After my surgery in September of 2021, I conceived during my 5th cycle. My family is overjoyed! Thank you all so very much!


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