Shonda T.

My husband and I got married and decided we right away that we wanted a child that we shared together. After all it had been 8 years since my last child was born.


We made the deposit on December 2020 and made the final payment March 2021 (2 weeks before our scheduled appointment).


We checked in to the hotel, which was a pretty good stay on April 5th. The next day I had my reversal on April 6, 2021. The procedure went well. I had an average of 7 cm of tubes left, which was perfect. Dr. Greene explained everything to me, especially what to do if I received a positive pregnancy test.


We tried right away and found we were pregnant but only with a chemical pregnancy. It was heartbreaking but we were excited to know that we could get pregnant. So we tried again checking for the egg white cervical mucus and the basal body temperature method to track for the dip and rise in temperature after ovulation.


Lo and behold we had a positive pregnant test on June 7th. We tracked our hcg levels every 48 hours until it was time to have a vaginal sonogram to check to make sure Baby T had implanted in my uterus. Baby T did and we were excited.


The pregnancy went all and we had a healthy baby girl on the day of love, Valentine’s Day 2022. She weighed 6lbs and 13.3 ounces.


She’s perfect and growing each and every day.


I would recommend Lakeshore Surgical Center a thousand times over. Dr. Greene helped fulfill the promise in 2019 that God had given us that we would have a daughter. It was well before I was married or could conceive.


It’s such a blessing to have worked with all the staff. The anesthesiologist and nurses did a phenomenal job as well.

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