Amanda C.

My husband and I had our first baby at the young age of 18 and 19 years old, we married 3 years later and one year into marriage had our second baby, a sweet little girl! At the time we were so young and were feeling so much pressure from family to have my tubes tied since we “had our boy and girl”. I knew in my heart that I was not done having babies and that I still wanted to add to our family. But in the end, I allowed my pregnancy hormones and pressure from others to convince me to have my tubes tied. I cried and knew immediately after the surgery that I had made the biggest mistake of my life. For 9 years, I prayed, journaled, and cried out to God, daily, that he would answer my prayers and bless us with more children. In January 2021, my husband and I finally sat down and decided to commit to having tubal reversal surgery. I researched all the top recommended surgeons and decided on Lakeshore Surgical Center. My husband, David, and I decided that we were willing to take a chance on the possibility that the surgery may or may not work in our favor. On June 18, 2021, for my 34th birthday, we flew from Dallas, Texas to Georgia for the surgery. Dr. Turner and all the staff at Lakeshore were so kind and encouraging throughout the entire process. We brought along our two kids and made a vacation out of it. In November of 2021, I became pregnant but unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. We gave it all to God and prayed through the grief that He would be faithful to answer our prayers no matter what that looked like. On April 25th (my husband’s birthday) I wasn’t feeling great and was really wanting an espresso. I decided to take a pregnancy test… just in case… before I indulged in a venti coffee with a triple shot of espresso. To my surprise, the test came back positive immediately. We had not been “trying” since the miscarriage and had just decided to leave it to God. December 30th, 2022 we safely delivered a 9lb 2oz baby boy – David Miles. He is so loved by all his family and his big brother and sister are smitten. He rarely is put down and he spends his days laughing at all of our silly voices, faces, and songs. He is our miracle baby! I thank God for him daily and for the blessing of wisdom and knowledge for the team at Lakeshore to be able to perform these surgeries. I cannot imagine a life without our sweet boy. I am forever grateful to the staff at Lakeshore and Dr. Turner. There are not enough words to describe the absolute joy and happiness that having a 3rd baby has brought into all of our lives. If you are on the fence about having the surgery, I recommend researching Lakeshore and seeking out your options. Good Luck and prayers to all hoping to add to their families, may 2023 be your year!

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