Jessica B.

I had my tubes tied (two clamps on each side) in June 2018. Unfortunately, the tubal ligation had caused me extreme pain, especially during my cycles. I tried to go the insurance route but the OB could not find any concerns when they did my ultrasound. The ligation made me miserable so I knew I needed my tubes fixed. I researched on Facebook and found Lakeshore. I looked at these testimonials as well as reviews and had decided to use them. I sent an email and was responded to the same day via phone call. Thus, our journey began. I had my surgery in April 2022. When I woke up from surgery, the pain I had from the ligation was GONE. Apparently, I had a lot of scar tissue that Dr. Greene was able to remove before stitching me back up. Dr. Greene stated that he could see why I so desperately wanted the reversal other than just conceiving reasons. Thanks to him, I am feeling 1000x better AND we were able to get pregnant the very next month with our first baby boy. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Greene and staff for giving me my life back and another bundle of joy.

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