Candace H.

My name is Candace H. I am now 29 years old in Memphis, Tn. My tubes was previously tied in 2015 after my second son. I was very sure that I was done having kids. I was married and had a rough pregnancy. My pregnancy was hard and I was on edge the whole time. I was always the one to say I’m never having anymore kids. In 2019 My husband and I decide to give it one more try but we had to find a doctor to untied my tubes. It’s was very hard and took a lot of research because it was a lot of doctors saying that they could do the procedure but wasn’t being honest. To be honest before I found Dr.Green we went to two other doctors in Memphis,Tn and both gave us a run around to be honest I feel like they didn’t even take what we wanted serious. A friend of mine did IVF and help me find We was so excited. We couldn’t believe that it was possible. When we told the family everybody thought we playing n just talking. When we contacted the office they responded asap with details of everything we need to do. I already had most of the things need due to dealing with other doctors. I had pictures of my tubes and scans and etc on hand. So once I sent it all in Dr.Green people got with me and assist us with making payments and appointment. Of course we had to travel there and get everything but Dr.Green have that covered also because they also help with hotel booking close to the office. When we finally got there in September 2020 Covid had just got started and everything still went completely smoothly for us. Dr. Green also gave tips on how to conceive faster and knowing when to do the baby dance.

The surgery was successful we got pregnant within 3 months but unfortunately we miscarriage at 10 weeks. After about 6 months we got Our RAINBOW BABY. He was born December 8, 2021, 6 pounds 14oz at 40 weeks. Even my doctor that delivered my baby said my tubes looks amazing and ask what doctor did my surgery!!!! Healthy baby boy, my third son. Dr. Green’s office still calls, text, email us, and everything. I couldn’t wait to have my baby so I could send pics and everything. They sent us a shirt and email me on my birthday and even to just say HELLOOOO!! That itself is wonderful to know that they didn’t just do the surgery and completely ghost us. I got to say seeing their name pop up excites me because it’s always out of the blue and just when needed. Right now our third son is 2months old and we are still deciding if we wanna try for a girl once again after our third son lol!

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