Kamicia B.

Doctor Who Performed Your TR: Dr. Greene

Date of Tubal Reversal: April 6, 2018

Age at Time of Reversal: 35

Type of Tubal Ligation: Clips

Finished Length of Tubes: Right: 10cm | Left: 9cm

Hello everyone that is considering having a TR! I wish you the best in your decision. I’m 35 years old, a mother of 3 ages 14, 11 and 8 and on April 6, 2018 I had my reversal. I knew back in 2009 when I tied them that it was a mistake and I felt like it took something away from me. So I did my research and called a few doctors, but I was very pleased with the conversation I had with Dr. Greene’s staff and that’s the reason why I chose them. Plus I knew I didn’t want to do IVF because of the price and that it would only give me a chance to have one more. So after a year of going back and forth I had made a decision, made my appointment and set a date. And let me tell you, the staff is just as welcoming as they are on phone. The procedure didn’t take long and I wasn’t in as much pain as I thought. I went back to work that next Tuesday. I had my first cycle that Monday also and I became pregnant in April. I’m currently 5 weeks and I’m so excited that words can’t explain the feeling. I had my first ultrasound May 15 and I couldn’t believe I’m carrying a baby again. Something I have waited for 5 years now! Dr. Greene and his staff has made my dream come true!

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