Tubal Reversal, a cost worth spending

Many women choose to have a tubal ligation. Most women never think about it again. However, there are circumstances in life that change and some woman wish to have the tubal ligation reversed. There are now surgical advances that make this a real possiblilty for most patients. The cost of this procedure is around $6,900.00. This is usually not covered by health insurance and is an out of pocket expense for the patient. However, the fee usually covers everything from the surgery, anesthesia, lab work, surgical room expenses, dye testing to make sure the tubes are open, and post-operative care.

Lakeshore Tubal Reversal Center is a highly recommend outpatient surgical facility that is able to make this dream come true for many women. They specialize in a microsurgical technique to achieve very favorable results. The facility states that your chances of successfully getting pregnant can be up to 70% or more, depending on your natural fertility. The cost of the tubal reversal procedure is much more affordable than IVF, which can be over $10,000 per cycle, with at least 3 sometimes before there are results.

There are also many different payment options that patients can choose from. The surgical fee is due two weeks prior to surgery and you can of course pay that with cashier’s check or credit card, some patients have flexible spending accounts through work that you can use, and the center also offers a monthly payment plan.

If you chose to pay for your surgery with the payment plan option, once you have paid your surgical fee in full you can schedule your surgery date. It is a nice option for women who would like another baby and it is affordable in more ways than just one.

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